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    We have loved creating our brand "United Fitness Apparel" and providing print services with our equipment, so much that in late 2015 we branched off and created UFA Printing Services. We now provide the same great quality work that you see and expect from our brand into your own private or commercial personalized orders.  We offer screen printing in plastisol, water based and discharge inks, DTG printing, embroidery, vinyl, flocking, foil prints and entire brand creation!

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Located in Austin Texas, If there is anything you need to have done, please don't hesitate to email us from the form below with an option to add in your art work and/or give us a call at 832-370-5629 (Option: 1). If you would like to see some of our work, click the animated social media link of your choice located at the top and bottom of this page.


Screen Printing in Austin

Silk Screen Printing:

  • Plastisol Ink Printing - This is your most affordable style of printing, yet the inks can sometimes lay down a bit thicker causing you to be able to feel the print with your hand. Plastisol printing is the go to for large cost effective orders for marketing purposes, large amounts of company apparel, or smaller orders at an incredible per piece price.
  • Water Based Ink Printing - Water based screen printing is an environmentally-conscious alternative to conventional screen printing that has a super soft hand (Soft to the touch) without sacrificing quality of a print which makes it great for a wide variety of printing applications, including shirts, sweatpants, towels, and even paper!
  • Discharge Printing - Discharge printing is a process where the same techniques and equipment are used but instead of normal ink, discharge inks are used, which remove the shirt's dye in ONLY organic threads and either leaving the thread its natural color or adding a dye to re-dye the organic material to a new color instead of putting a color on top of the shirt. This is an AWESOME technique to use for printing because the print becomes part of the shirt and you can't feel it, but its limitations are to the types of garment you print on. The garments you choose have to be 100% cotton or a 50/50 blend, and this is because any polyester fabrics in the clothing will not react to the discharge ink. 

    DTG Printing - Direct to Garment Printing in Austin, TX

    DTG Printing:

    • First, DTG Printing stands for Direct to Garment Printing but is sometimes referred to as Digital Garment printing, Digital Apparel printing, and Inkjet to Garment printing. DTG Printing is a process of printing graphics onto textiles and garments. It uses a modified inkjet technology to print whatever graphic you want onto a garment. Think of it like a giant inkjet printer, except rather than printing out boring graduate school thesis papers on molecular biology, it’s printing badass dragons jumping through hoops of burning unicorns on a t-shirt (Or whatever kind of graphic you like, we prefer badass dragons though).

    DTG printing is a fairly new method that allows for a lot of variations compared to screen printing (which dominated the customized t-shirt market for decades). The ink is safe and dries quickly, it soaks into your garment and becomes part of the piece you are working with. That means there’s no chance for the graphic to crack, peel, or wash away over time.

    We have the ability to print on just about any kind of garment in this manor ranging from, 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends, tai blends, fronts, backs, sides, and sleeves of shirts, pants, shorts, koozies, hats, and wait for it…..SHOES, this is limited to a converse style shoes, but doesn’t mean we won’t give anything a shot! As we stated before these machines are still fairly new to the industry and we love to experiment!

    Vinyl Prints in Austin Texas

    Vinyl Printing:

    • Vinyl printing is a lot of fun but it has it's own place. You can put vinyl on just about anything, but choosing the right garment and pairing it with the right type of vinyl is key. For example, vinyls love materials that are more or less manufactured and not naturally occurring, like polyesters, and rayon. So vinyl is a great choice for athletic clothing like dri-fit shirts, sports bras, leggings, gym bags, and we actually love to do logos on professional style polos instead of embroidery just because the lines and colors come out SO crisp this way. Another really interesting way to use a vinyl print is on shoes, yes shoes, so if you want a really cool design stamped into the side of your shoe for forever, we can do it, or how about you have an entire team that needs names and numbers on there shoes... we can do that too.

    Foil Printing:

    • Foil is a Post Print Application using a heat press to apply the Foil material to the desired print area. Foil material comes in Rolls and is cut down to sheets for the appropriate size of the Foiled area. Any area that Plastisol ink is present on the shirt is where the Foil will stick. When additional colors are required with a design containing Foil, the additional colors must be printed with a water base ink. These types of ink are resistant to the Foil and will not stick to it. The result is a multi color design, with specific areas of Foil, creating a Bright, Shiny Finish. No other garment application creates a brighter shine than Foil.


    • Flocking is really neat and is the process of depositing many small fiber like  particles (called flock) onto a surface. It can also refer to the texture produced by the process, or to any material used primarily for its flocked surface. It consists of synthetic fibers that look like tiny hairs and the end product feels somewhat like velvet and a bit elevated. This will give you that very unique look to stand out among the rest.

    Embroidery in Austin Texas


    • Little explanation needs to be done here because I think we all pretty much know what embroidery is. Whatever your embroidery needs are we can probably take care of you, from hats, logos, shirts, and well anything really. 

    Brand Creation in Austin, TX

    Brand Creation:

    • "Brand Creation" is a service we provide to help all of the up and coming clothing entrepreneurs hit the ground running. You can come to us with an idea, and we can help you develop logos, designs, clothing styles and build your entire brand from the ground up, for you to then launch and market as you see fit.

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