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Transformation for Education Scholarship

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     The Transformation For Education Scholarship program is designed by students, for students, to motivate and push them in multiple ways as they continue their educational journey. The program itself is unique in a way that it rewards students for choosing a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) , unlike traditional scholarship programs that are based solely on a GPA. United Fitness Apparel bases their requirements through the students individual health and fitness progression while also concentrating on their academics and being able to balance the two, just as one would once they move on to a busy career.

     Each student who participates in the program is challenged to either begin or continue a body transformation, encompassing physical conditioning, body fat percentage, blood pressure, and over all body measurements during a 2 month time period within the current semester. The program is not to promote products and or workout routines, but is designed so that each student is allowed to research diets and exercises that work best for them: while in-tern also learning how a healthy lifestyle is achieved and maintained with a busy schedule, rather than being force fed a generalized fitness plan and regiment to follow by someone who does not know the student personally. Students can choose to do the program on their own or get a professional trainer that can work with them on a personal level. The objective of the program is very simple, one male and one female with the greatest health and body transformation (calculated through your overall percentage change from your body analysis results) is rewarded with $6,000 In Scholarships (one $3,000 scholarship for a male winner and one $3000 scholarship for a female winner) from United Fitness Apparel, a $600 shopping spree from Complete Nutrition, and two free weeks of meals from Eatology!

     Of course the grand prize is awesome, but we wanted to design a program that motivated everyone to continue with their own fitness journey whether it be a complete transformation, or just getting some awesome benefits to keep you motivated in what your doing already. The best part of this program is you don't even have to participate in the scholarship portion, you can sign up and just reap the benefits of all of our partner companies! Who doesn't like free clothes, blender bottles, and huge discounts on stuff you already buy! So what are you waiting for, sign up now! (A list of program member benefits below)

 Insider info: The more students that apply the bigger the rewards become!!! So join the movement!!!

Benefits of Registering and Helpful Information

  • Brazos Valley Barbell 
    • Free body analysis testing
    • 2 weeks free VIP membership to the gym
    • Eatology
      • Nutrition and health seminar
      • 20% Off all meals
      • Mini meals
      • Two weeks of free food for both winners (Limited to 5 meals per week for 2 weeks)
    • ProActive Chiropractic & Wellness
      • 50% off all adjustments for all students registered for the length of the program
    • Complete Nutrition College Station
      • Free body analysis testing
      • 20% off of all products in store during the length of the transformation program.
      • Meal planning and supplement information to meet your goals
      • $600 Shopping spree to both winners (Limited to $150 per month for 4 months)
    • Total Nutrition College Station
      • Free body analysis testing
      • 25% off for all products in store during the length of the transformation program
      • Buy two Get two products free (Limited to one free protein per purchase)
      • Free shirt and shaker cup
      • Free Speciality diets, marco break downs, and nutrient timing diets 
      • First time supplement user kits: Includes the Buy 2 Get 2 offer above and 55% off (Protein, Bcaa, Creatine, Carbs, and Vitamins)
    • Beutel Student Health Center
      • Free body analysis testing

    For Addresses, Hours of Operation, and Contact Information, click here

    Eatology Seminar:

    Little about the company and mission:     

    In August 2010, Eatology Paleo-Zone pioneered the prepared meal frenzy as the first Paleo-Zone meal delivery service and, shortly after, became the first company to ship nationwide. It all started from a small kitchen studio located right here in Bryan, Texas. “I believe it is our right, as humans, to know how to feed ourselves. We don’t just want to provide convenient meals for people, we want to TEACH them how to do it on their own. Eatology is on a mission to cure obesity through education and it begins here at home base,” says Laurah Lawson, Eatology’s CEO/Founder.

    Seminar Topics:
    1. Paleo vs. Non-Paleo: Food quality, and eating for goals
    2. Zone Living: Portions, Quantities
    3. Cooking in the kitchen: Convert Recipies & Labels, Label Method
    4. Restaurants & Happy Hour: Dining out, Menus, Happy Hour

     Important Dates (Texas A&M Spring 2017 Transformation for Education Scholarship):

    • Registration Starts: January 1st
    • Registration Ends: March1st (at midnight)
    • Before photos and body analysis submission due: February 28th - March 1st (Submission will close at midnight on March 1st)
    • Eatology Seminar (TBD)
    • After Photos and body analysis due: April 30th - May 1st (Submission will close at midnight on May 1st)
    • Winner will be announced no later than May 20th


    • There is a $35 (one time) registration fee that is required to participate in the program directly following the registration form. Note: You will not be fully enrolled into the program without the registration payment.
    • Before and after photos of the students holding a news paper with the current submission date
    • A before and after body analysis completed by a professional at one of the three locations provided: Complete Nutrition College Station, Total Nutrition College Station, Brazos Valley Barbell, or the Beutel Student Health Center. A link with a map, addresses, and contact information, along with a link for your printable copy of the body analysis form that you will need to take with you to the facility of your choice, is at the bottom of this page. Note: The Body Analysis locations do not have our forms on hand and we will not be able to accept any other body analysis forms except for the one that we provide, this is strictly for keeping the program standardized, fair, and organized. 
    • The body analysis needs to be as accurate as possible, so wherever the student chooses to get the initial analysis done is where they will have to return to get there final analysis done 
    • There will be a very strict two day window for photo and body analysis submissions at the beginning and end of the program. Any applicants that miss this window will no longer be allowed to participate in the transformation program for the scholarship and will not be refunded their registration fee. This keeps the program fair and gives everyone the same amount of time to make their transformation.
    • No specific GPA requirements
    • No essays will need to be submitted
    • It does not matter if you are a part-time student, full-time student, graduate student or undergrad, you only need to be "currently" enrolled at Texas A&M or Blinn with plans of a following semester (This is due to the fact that the scholarship will be awarded at the end of the current semester)
    • In good standing with the institution
    • When you register you will receive a registration confirmation email with your name on it, this will need to be presented either in printed or digital form with photo ID to any vendors/third party companies that you wish to redeem your program benefits from. (Example: 20% off products at Complete Nutrition)
    • Scholarship reward will be deposited in the students account immediately following the decision of the winner at the end of the program and will be accessible through the financial aid portal

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      If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at or chat with us by clicking the blue box in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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